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 TENNIS at the Village Club


November 20th  2020 



Reserving a tennis time:

  • Court times can be made through the tennis scheduler up to 14 days in advance for members and up to 4 non-member guests
  • All reservations are eligible for 90-minute time slots

Playing at VC during COVID:

  • Bring ALL of your own supplies: hand sanitizer, wipes, tennis balls, water, tissues etc. Take EVERYTHING with you when you leave
  • DO NOT arrive more than 5 minutes before your court time.
  • Enter your court by the designated gate
  • Do not congregate in or around the entrances or benches


  • As of November 20th, non member guests may accompany a member. Limit 4 guests per family per day. Standard guest fees apply: $10/per person Mon-Thu, $15/per person Fri-Sun and holidays.
  • No water stations on courts
  • One court per family per day allowed for booking to give all families access to enjoy the courts
  • Drills are limited to 5 players. Private lessons by appointment.
  • We will adopt the USTA “Playing Tennis Safely” as the guideline for usage and protocol  
  • Members must use their own balls (– see USTA ball guidelines)
  • Minimize the frequency of switching ends of the court
  • State of Colorado requires wearing a mask in public when 6 ft of distance cannot be maintained.
  • The USTA “Playing Tennis Safely” guidelines will be posted courts on the website.

Please use this link for USTA Safe Play Guidelines


Anyone not obeying the rules will be asked to leave the tennis courts.

Stay home if you are feeling sick and stay away until you are healthy!

If you are not sick, symptom free and feel safe to play tennis, please come enjoy a beautiful weather here at the Village Club.

Thank you in advance for respecting each other by adhering to all physical distancing protocols which enables us to remain open for you to enjoy.

Players must follow all physical distancing rules or they will be removed from the courts. 

League Play at Village Club

                                    How To Sign Up For League Tennis

 1.You need an NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) rating. If you do not have one, set up a half hour private lesson with Laura Sargent to be rated.

2.You must have a current USTA number throughout league season.

3.Talk to friends about teams and find a team to play on.Word of mouth is the best way to communicate. If you can not find a team please reach out to Laura Sargent and she will help find you the right team to play on.

4.Team Captains will be given the team number for the league and they will distribute the number to all the players on the team.

5.Once you have a team number: a.Go to  b.Click on “Adult”  c.Clink on “Tennis Link for Leagues”  d.Click on “Register for a Team” -This is where you will type in your USTA number and Team number to register.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Sargent -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Leagues are $70.00 and this includes 3 team practices and tennis ball for your matches!


If you would like to play: 2.5 Women's league tennis click here

                                3.0 Women's league tennis click here

                                3.5 Women's league tennis click here

                                4.0 Women's league tennis click here

If you would like to play: 3.0 Men's league tennis click here

                                 3.5 Men's league tennis click here

                                 4.0 Men's league tennis click here 

Day and Time League Breakdown 


Director of Tennis - Laura Sargent

Laura's impressive resume, talent, and dedication to working with players of all levels and abilities make her a great instructor for all levels of players.  Laura has great programs for tots, juniors, adult women and men. Laura works year-round so when weather permits, she is teaching drills, junior practices, and is available for private lessons for children and adults.
You can contact Laura via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone 303-771-8131 ext 102

Laura gives her full attention to players on court.  She returns emails and phone calls only during off-court hours.  Please be patient and she will get back to you.



Drills are every week, YEAR-ROUND, weather permitting (40 degrees and sunny). Please use the Tennis Scheduler to register for drills no later than 6pm the day before. If only 1 player, drill is shortened to a 30 minute private lesson. If 2 players, drill is shortened to 1 hour. 3 players or more, drills are 1 1/2 hours. All 90 minute drills are $25 for members, added to your member account. If weather is questionable, drill status will be updated on the VC tennis scheduler.

In order to register for drills, you must do so through the Tennis Scheduler.  The link to the Tennis Scheduler is at the upper right column of the tennis page.  You will be able to click on it once you have logged in.

Tennis Drill Schedule -  as of September 8th 2020



Adult Drills 

Saturday 3.5-4.0 CO-ED 10-11:30am-Laura

Saturday Stroke of the Week 11:30-12:30 Laura

Sunday 2.5-3.5 CO-ED 10-11:30am-Tucker

Wednesday 2.5-3.5 CO-ED 10:30-12pm-Laura


Junior Drills

Monday and Wednesday 3:30-5pm 13-18 year olds

Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-5pm 7-12 year olds

Thursday Micro Tennis 4-4:45pm 4-6 year olds 



Lessons are also being offered!

A lesson with Laura is priced as followed:

Hour Private-$65

45 Minutes-$50

Half Hour-$35


A lesson with Victoria or Tucker is priced as followed:

Hour Private-$60

45 Minutes-$45

Half Hour- $30



Platform Tennis Court-399x246

The Village Club also offers PLATFORM TENNIS, aka "Paddle".  Our lighted court is available year round for players of all ability.  The adjacent fire pit and seating area make for a cozy conversation area to warm-up after match play.   The Club has paddles to rent and paddle balls for purchase for players' convenience.  Please remember to RESERVE the COURT and turn out all lights on the court/tennis pavilion and leave the grounds no later than 10pm. For more information about paddle tennis programs, please email Ian Hintz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pricing for Lessons and Clinics:

1 Player- $75

2 Players- $40 each

3 Players- $30 each 

4 Players- $25 each 

5 Players- $20 each


                                                                        PICKLE BALL

We've recently discovered pickle ball and WOW are we having fun!  The Club has paddles and balls for members to use to get a taste of this addicting game!  Keep your eye on the newsletter and club calendar for planned pickle ball socials, mixers, and "how to play" events!

The Paddle Court is lined for Pickleball- If you would like to use the court please reserve it on the tennis scheduler.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays Pickleball Drills with Tucker:

Tuesdays 10-11:30am -$15

Thursdays 11-12:30pm $15

Sundays 11:30-1pm $15

Friday 5-6:30pm limited to 4 players as we will be playing under the lights on the paddle court.

2 Players-$30

3 Players-$25

4 Players-$20

Sign up will be on the tennis scheduler!


  • Wear shoes made for tennis courts. Black-soled running shoes are prohibited as they leave marks on the courts. Running shoes are dangerous as they can roll over and cause severe sprained ankles.
  • Do not open the tops of the water jugs to get ice or to store water bottles or drinks. We clean the jugs daily to keep them safe and sanitary.
  • Please bring  your own tennis balls unless you are playing in a drill or scheduled league match.  VC does not provide baskets of practice balls.
  • Please DO NOT CROSS a court while others are playing, in a lesson, during a drill or while the ball machine is in use.  We have GATES on EVERY court for player convenience.
  • Paddles for rent are $5 and will be charged to your member account.